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Couples Counseling

Couple Holding Hearts

Gottman Method Couples Therapy is based on relationships studied by psychologist John M. Gottman and clinical practice conducted by John Gottman and his wife, psychologist Julie Gottman. Nearly 40 years of research has uncovered the elements it takes for relationships to last. There are nine components of The Sound Relationship House, from partners making mental maps of each other’s world to learning how to break through relationship gridlock. One of the reigning insights of this science-based approach is that in the dynamics of relationship systems, negative emotions like defensiveness and contempt have more power to hurt a relationship than positive emotions have to help a relationship. As a result, this structured therapy focuses on developing understanding and skills so that partners can maintain fondness and admiration and manage conflict—and what to do when they mess up (because we all do). As your Therapist, we will dive into understanding what a relationship is built on and how to free your relationship of the Four Horseman that predict divorce: contempt, defensiveness, criticism, and stonewalling. While learning the antidotes and how to move through and manage those feelings.

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) is a brief, short-term approach to therapy with goals of helping clients and partners process their emotional experiences (i.e. regulate their affect) and seek safety, support, and comfort from each other. Emotional experiences are expanded, reformulated, and restructured throughout the process of EFT.

Reframing the existence of negative patterns of interaction as collaborative problems to be solved jointly, rather than a problem belonging to one or both individuals, allows partners to be responsible for the well-being of the relationship and conceptualizes their conflict as a common enemy, not a divisive force. As your Therapist, we will learn to create new interactional events

that redefine the relationship as a source of security and comfort for each of the partners, giving shared meaning and reducing conflict.

Pre-marital Counseling is offered at a discounted rate of $150/session for six sessions. 

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